Built Up Letters.

Here at Signs 2 Signs we have been producing high  quality 3D Built up acrylic letters for over a decade. With this wealth of  experience and together with state of art machinery and fully trained operators and fabricators we are able to make 3d acrylic letters in all shape and sizes.  We use all well known brands of cast acrylic including Perspex Polycril Repsol and Plexiglas.
These letters can be fabricated in many ways with many  options which typically are:
Built up acrylic letters with returns from 20mm up to 170mm deep depending on the face size of your letter
Built up letters with locator fixing on none illuminated signs to built up acrylic letters  with  full back trays from foam PVC or polycarbonate complete with leds for face or  halo illumination.
Built up acrylic letters pushed through a cut  and folded aluminium composite sign tray system This type of system can be  illuminated with either fluorescent tubes or Leds.